The effects of Video Games, good and bad SPANISH.

This Website will aim to tell you about the effects of video games, good and bad.

This is where you will find all the sources I used to make the points in the Website. My Sources.

They are mutliple points of view on the subject of video games, there is alot of disscussion over this topic and many have different points of view over this topic. They are many who think that this is quite bad, and have many negative effects. Their have been mutliple studies done on this topic but some agrue some of these studies are faked and are bad on purpose. These different points of view are directly against each other and are in direct competition with each other and there have been multiple arguments steming from this.

There is another point that suggest Videogames have a great Negative effect. There have been many studies claiming to link Video Games and games in general to violence. Many of them use the Mass Shooter crisises the world is facing as real proof to the debate. Though some have been proven to be very questionable, perhaps many saying it has real merit. They also claim to link to the Depression and Anxiety and other mental issues, according to

But there is another group, that says that Videogames are harmless and have the most uncritized studies. This group brings up the fact the Anti-Game group have very questionable studies and they people that search with are tunnel visoning to see only what they want to find. They are fewer yet less questioned studies on the fact that Games are harmless and will inspire creativity and create good behaviors instead of bads ones.

Here are some common questions:

In general, Games are very complex and they are many view points on what they do.